Polina Barabanova

Zero to Hero Content Manager

"Zero2Hero is a "lifebuoy" for startups, as it takes on the task of supporting young projects and novice specialists"

Let's find out why Zero2Hero is a paradise for a marketer, how exactly it helps startups and tech specialists achieve their goals, and why the IT industry should learn everything about the project.

What are you doing at Zero to Hero?

I am working as a content manager and I have a wide range of duties:
I fill the project website with various content and promote it on the Net;
I make publications on the project social networks;
I am writing blog posts and looking for new platforms for outside publications;
I communicate with the media and potential partners of the project and every time I am sincerely upset if I don't receive any reply :)
Yep, I also write this article, and, to tell you the truth, it's a little exciting to write about myself :)

What's Zero to Hero for you?

In the "arsenal" of my answers to tricky questions, there are two answers at once
On the one hand, Zero2Hero is a unique project that helps startups and developers achieve their goals.
Support for young projects is poorly developed in our country as well as post-graduate employment is rarely guaranteed by our universities. I believe that Zero2Hero serves as the "lifebuoy" because to some extent it takes on the task of supporting novice entrepreneurs and IT specialists.
On the other hand, Zero2Hero is a great place for developing my potential.
Just imagine: Zero2Hero is a completely new project: without analogues, competitors and ... fame. One of my key tasks is to make the whole world know about Zero2Hero, to promote it in the style of Hollywood agents. This is a difficult task, but at the same time, it's really interesting. We haven't reached the stage "everything is possible" yet, but I'm sure: a little creative, and Elon Mask's rockets will be launched under the Zero2Hero brand. Just watch:)

What is the main reason you've decided
to join the project?

This is because of the salary increase. I'm joking :) The main reason I've decided to work in Zero2Hero is extraordinary and sometimes difficult, but very exciting tasks. As I said before, Zero2Hero is a sort of paradise for a young Content Manager who someday wants to proudly call himself the king of marketing.
But the most important thing here is that Zero2Hero is exactly such a project that in the future will be on a par with the coolest companies in the world, and I was lucky to catch its birth, and even more - to become part of the team that had their hands in its development.
I was very lucky that I had the chance to work in such a multifaceted and unusual project. This is not only a great opportunity to improve my skills and get cool experience, but also a place where I feel that I benefit not only my team but the whole tech industry.
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