FAQ for developers

1. What do I need to take part in the project?

In order to take part in the project you need to have:

  • free time;
  • computer;
  • basic knowledge of any programming language;
  • a great desire to learn new technologies;
  • be ready to work at least two to three hours a day.
2. What technology stack do you expect from an intern?
We focus on customer requirements. Put the programming languages you know in the form and we'll contact you as soon as a suitable project appears.

3. What are the working hours and project execution time?

The work schedule is flexible. Everything is based on your preferences. We are building a team that will be ready to work in approximately the same schedule. The project deadline is one month.

4. Could I gain insight into the projects?

This is confidential information, we can't give away the project details to candidates, not engaged in the project.

5. Can I choose a project individually?

Providing that there are projects with a similar technology stack, we give the specialist a choice, but in most cases, we offer participation in one certain project. You decide whether or not to take part in the project.

6. What are the project working conditions?

The main condition is compliance with deadlines and a desire to grow professionally. You' ll constantly obtain new information, participate in daily skype meetings, learn a lot. In case of any questions or difficulties, you can always turn to team leader. He is always in touch.

7. What do I get out of taking part in the project?

You will fill your portfolio with real projects, get commercial experience and get feedback on professional growth areas from an experienced team leader. In case of successful completion of the project, we'll give you good recommendations, since it is very important for us to graduate good specialists.

8. Can I stop working prematurely if I find a job?

We don't recommend leaving the project ahead of schedule. It is very difficult to get a substitute in a solid team. If you decide to leave the project prematurely, we'll be very grateful if you complete the tasks already started.