Tatiana Melnichuk

Zero2Hero Founder

"Zero2Hero can not only save the IT market from the shortage of specialists but also help startups launch products that will change the world "

The project founder Tatiana Melnichuk explains why Zero to Hero is a revolutionary project, how the idea was born, and how Zero to Hero helps young startups.

What are you doing at Zero2Hero?

I'm the founder of Zero2Hero, so I do everything related to the project. My tasks include:

  • communication with customers
  • search, selection and formation of a group of developers,
  • building and development of my own team,
  • work on brand promotion on the web;
  • supervision of the project processes, as well as many other tasks.
    In Zero2Hero, as in any young project, the work is distributed in the spirit of a startup: due to the fact that the team is small, everyone doesn't have a clear task list, so all business processes are somehow tied with the founder.
    What Zero2Hero means to you?
    Zero2Hero is a very cool product for me, which has no analogues on the market. Despite the fact that this is a business project, it has a social dimension. Firstly, the cost of the prototype is as budgetary as possible, since we know how difficult it's for a founder to find investments.

    Secondly, the idea of hiring junior developers in the project turned out to be very successful: the guys not only get commercial experience, upgrade their portfolio and eventually find a proper job, but also become valuable employees on the market.
    In the future, more than one thousand educated specialists will fill the shortage of IT specialists on the market. Agree, it's very pleasing when your product helps to develop an entire industry.
    On the other hand, Zero2Hero is a project that can not only "save" the IT market from an acute shortage of specialists, but also help breakthrough startups fulfil their dreams and make a product that can radically change the world.

    A large number of worthy and promising projects for multiple reasons remain underestimated among sponsors: the founders don't get investments, lose their motivation and finally renounce the idea.
    We are trying to remedy this situation and help as many cool startups as possible to launch products and make our lives several times easier.
    Why you've decided to launch Zero2Hero?
    The idea was born not without reason. I'm also the founder and head of the international recruitment agency Lucky Hunter. Working as an IT recruiting specialist helped me recognize a large number of problems startups face.

    This is an extremely limited launch budget, a misunderstanding of killer features and desperate attempts to attract a Senior-level specialist who'll be ready to work for the idea. Some startups turn to us with only an idea and don't know what to do with it.
    It was clear: the venture capital market isn't developed in Russia. Most of the founders don't know where to search for investors, how to work with them, don't understand how to communicate with developers and make USP.
    At the same time, junior developers regularly contact my agency: they have a great desire to develop, get cool work experience, and become valuable specialists on the market.

    By launching Zero2Hero, we've solved several global problems at once:
    Reduced prices for the prototype building to a minimum due to the hiring of junior developers in projects;
    Helped startups understand the lay of the next launch steps;
    Solved the investment issue: a prototype is a significant advantage in the hands of startups to raise funds for the project. In addition, among our partners there is a team of investors ready to invest in the most promising projects.
    Additionally, our project also fixes some other issues: our team manages the communication process between the client and developers. Thus, the founder doesn't need to know how to draw up a test assignment, how to work with IT specialists, and how to set goals for the guys.
    In addition, the team that we form for each project can continue the work with a startup on an ongoing basis: the founder receives a ready-made team of specialists trained for a specific project. And third, junior developers get what they were dreaming of: fast development, cool portfolio, employment.

    Agree, if one project solves 6-7 key problems at once, rejecting its implementation will be a serious omission.
    I sincerely believe that someday a revolutionary project will contact Zero2Hero, and together we'll change the world for the better.
    Test the hypothesis?