Irina Kvitko
Project Coordinator

"Zero2Hero is a platform that connects startups and junior developers and makes them closer to the achievement of goals."

The project coordinator Irina Kvitko explains how she copes with a large flow of candidates, why Zero to Hero is a social project and what it means for its members and the tech industry.

What are you doing at Zero to Hero?

I have several tasks at Zero2Hero:
The candidate database creation
I work with incoming requests, create a database of guys who'd like to join the project, find out what kind of technology stack they have, as well as what time zone they live in. I do this in order to understand how many resources we have: when we receive a request from a startup founder, we can quickly find the relevant junior developers. Thus, we have a certain starting point from which we begin effective work.
The initial candidate selection
I communicate with candidates and select them according to certain parameters. These are the hard skills of the guys. The candidates' soft skills are evaluated by Tanya because she has high competence in hiring. It turns out that I, like a sieve, sift out junior developers at the first selection stage. This is quite difficult because among a large number of candidates there are very few really suitable.
Work at Zero2Hero develops my communication skills: acting as a mediator between Tanya (founder), Mikhail (Team leader) and specialists, I understand what information I need to collect and how to convey it in order to organize the most effective recruiting.

What's Zero to Hero for you?

First of all, Zero2Hero is a social project for me. It's extremely hard for a beginning specialist to find a job because they don't have enough experience. The company wants to see a tried and trusted person. On the other hand, there are startups and young companies which have a limited budget but really want to create an interesting and useful product.
It turns out that Zero2Hero is a platform that connects such people and makes them closer to the achievement of goals. This is a very interesting idea.

What is the main reason you've decided
to join the project?

The reason I joined the project wasn't unique. I've already been working at Lucky Hunter, and when Tanya offered to occupy the position of Zero2Hero coordinator, I agreed, because:
I was interested in taking a crack at a project coordinator position;
Combining two projects "under one roof" and under one leadership is quite convenient;
Zero2Hero is a great place for achieving your potential and communication skills.
Let's face it, the first experience and the first project I worked on was painful enough. We were working at a very high pace, and it wasn't easy to process a large number of jones. However, despite the great stress and difficulties, I decided to stay in the project.
I believe in Tanya and her projects. If many people compose their thoughts for a long time, Tanya just starts realizing her ideas. Difficulties can't confuse or frighten her and it's great :)
I think that work at Zero2Hero is, firstly, an unusual and interesting experience, and secondly, a unique opportunity to become part of a cool and inspiring project that can help a large number of novice entrepreneurs, startups, IT specialists (and not only IT) create good and useful products.
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